Mendoza Wine Tours

Mendoza is an ideal place for the wine traveler. Excellent restaurants, Wine resorts, and some of the worlds most recognized wines.

Our staff knows the local wineries perfectly, and we are glad to join our passion for wine with you. Our expertise will enable you to have the best itinerary, without having to go back and forth. Remember, the distances between wineries can be long.

Below, a short description of the most popular wine tours in Mendoza:

Lujan de Cuyo Wine Tour (Cradle of Malbec): Great wines, spectacular views of the Andes, prestigious wineries. With a fascinating combination of tradition and modernity, Lujan is home for some of the most renowned Malbecs of the world. This region is a perfect example of how men’s effort turned this dessert into a fertile Oasis. Learn about the traditional irrigation systems, in contrast with the newest technology. There you will find several lodging options in wineries or surrounded by vineyards.

Maipú Wine Tour (Tradition & Delicatessen): Discover the rich history of our wine production in a journey through our past. Maipú is rich in history and tradition. The museum placed at Rutini Winery exposes objects and techniques used 3 centuries ago, and its evolution to the present days. Not all the wineries in Maipú are traditional: Tempus Alba, for example, is investigating the ideal conditions for growing the best Malbec of the World!

The pure water, the low atmospheric humidity and the high light intensity give the carefully grown vegetables the richest taste and aroma to recreate the best of the Mediterranean cuisine. Accompanied by the original Aruco extra virgin olive oil, this food creates a unique Mendoza style.

Valle de Uco Wine Tour (High Altitude Wines): Uco Valley is a synonym of an exceptional terroir. The valley has always been a blessed land for agriculture, but since about 15 years, it has become the paradigm of new world wines. The absolutely pure water, the rocky soil, the altitude and the Andes so close by, leave their imprint on wines. There is the option of visiting organic wine producers, having cookery classes, horseback rides through the vineyards, and even spending the night at luxury Estancias.